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EFIMOV AUDIO (Ilya Efimov Production before)

Our company was founded quite recently, in 2010. Our main activity is to create samples libraries, virtual musical instruments, sound effects, and royalty free music libraries. We aim to present our customers high quality products that will satisfy most of the requirements of music composers, arrangers, musicians and music lovers who want to enjoy the sound of various musical instruments at home.



Ilya Efimov is a composer for film and TV, jazz pianist, songwriter and sound producer from Russia. As a composer Ilya worked on more than 100 musical projects for full screen movies and TV. As a jazz pianist Ilya concertized with his own jazz program, participated in many jazz festivals and concerts with other performers. During his study years, Ilya became a prizewinner of various international competitions, such as the Montreux Jazz Festival Piano Competition (2003), All-Russian Jazz Competition (2004), Young People`s Jazz Competition (1997) and others. Ilia is a producer for a number of concert programs (Miles Griffitt & Oleg Butman show, Kirov Jam), a manager and producer of  "Jazz Triumph in Nizhniy Novgorod"

Ilya started learning music in his early childhood. Upon receipt of a basic music education, Ilya continued his studies at the Music College of his hometown Nizhniy Novgorod as a jazz pianist, arranger, and conductor. During college years Ilya started to collaborate with various record companies as an arranger. Gradually, audio production became more important in his life. In 2004 Ilia moved to Moscow to work at the “Sound Service” record company as an arranger and composer. At that period the company released a number of audio-books with his music. Ilya arranges a lot and works as a sound-producer in some musical projects.

In 2005 Ilya Efimov and two other amazing musicians - Anton Schwarz and Sergey Grigoriev began working with the most prominent motion picture companies. Their collaborative efforts resulted in projects that received rapid popular acclaim. Ilya’s individual expressive style in his musical lines developed during this period. Especially noteworthy was his ability to evoke the sence of pain and loss counterbalanced with honorable motivation, resulting in powerful emotional imagery.

In 2010 Ilya founded "Efimov Audio". Based at the Alexandr Rusanov Studio, Ilya is currently focused on sample library creation, while continuing to work major motion picture productions.

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