Irish whistles (Tin & Low)

Ирландские вистлы

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Ирландские вистлы

Виртуальный инструмент для Kontakt
Irish whistles (Tin & Low)

Требуется ПОЛНАЯ версия Kontakt 5.5 или полная
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The Irish whistle libraries is a new generation of Irish Tin & Low Whistles with incredible playability and realism.


Tin Whistle was created with legato techniques. The tin whistle, also called the penny whistle, English flageolet, Scottish penny whistle, tin flageolet, Irish whistle, six-holed woodwind instrument. It is a fipple flute, putting it in the same category as the recorder, Native American flute, and other woodwind instruments that meet such criteria. A tin whistle player is called a tin whistler or simply a whistler. The tin whistle is closely associated with Celtic music. 


Low Whistle was created with legato techniques. The low whistle, or concert whistle, is a variation of the traditional tin whistle/pennywhistle, distinguished by its lower pitch and larger size. It is increasingly accepted as a feature of Irish traditional music. In both kinds of music the low whistle is often used for the playing of airs and slow melodies due to its haunting sound. However, it is also becoming used more often for the playing of Irish jigs, reels and hornpipes, it being easier to produce some ornametations on the whistle, due to the size of the finger holes. The most common low whistle is the "Low D".

The Irish Whistle libraries is a highly playable instrument based on a highly playable legato system. We sampled all possible intervals in several versions. Thus, you get all-natural realistic legato.You have full control over dynamics and expression, able to add and control vibrato and frullato. At your disposal is a variety of articulations: mordent, grace note (forshlag), slides, staccato, trill and rolls. Additionally, we have introduced a unique system of articulation switching. The library also contains additional useful features such as Repetition Key and Attack mode. You can reassign keyswitches and midi controllers, saving all settings on your computer.

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