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Rock Bass

Required FULL paid Kontakt 5.6 or higher
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   Ilya Efimov Rock Bass is a unique addition to the line of our bass libraries. It captures the sound of a hi-end Sadowsky NYC 5 string bass played with a pick (plectrum). Not to mention that Sadowsky company itself is a respected bass guitars manufacturer, moreover the particular instrument used for sampling had strong low-end punch accompanying with great tightness. Due to such distinct and balanced tone many famous rock and pop musicians made they choice in favor Sadowsky instruments. We know that some our customers have been longing for such kind of sampled bass.

   Like all our previous bass libraries this one is easy and intuitive to use due to a sophisticated algorithm, which automatically selects strings, changes left-hand position on the fretboard and turns on/off legato in real time. And as before three playing techniques are included in a single patch - pick, slap, palm-mute and additional articulations. Customary Open String mode, Chord Detection mode and X-note mode are also there, as well as Repetition keys and FX noises controls.

   However Ilya Efimov Rock Bass introduces some new functions – like Downstroke mode, allowing playing steady bass parts so usual in hard rock music. Also there was added a retrospective round-robin algorithm, triggering each time a new sample avoiding “machine-gun effect” even if you keep pressing a key at the same velocity. Plus a special keyswitch now provides resetting of the round robin sequence to the initial position. So now you can Rock!!!

Required FULL retail Kontakt 5.6

  • 5.8 ncw compression format 
  • 7414 samples, 24 bit, 44.1 KHz 
  • Up to 14 velocity layers, 22 frets on each string with round-robin algorithm 
  • Pick, Slap and Palm-Mute articulations in one patch 
  • Different natural legato for Pick, Slap and Palm-Mute articulations 
  • Thumb and Pop slap articulations with Auto and Manual selection 
  • Special Downstroke articulation 
  • Auto and Manual String and Position Selection 
  • Attack control 
  • Two variants of Slide-ups, Flageolets and X-notes (with two modes of performance) 
  • Repetition keys for X-notes and last articulations 
  • Realistic glissando note-to-note 
  • Gliss-FX 
  • AMP cabinet and Bass tone effects 
  • Multiple FX and Noises (strokes, fret noises, releases) 
  • Native Instruments full retail Kontakt 5.6.0 or higher 
  • Windows 7 or 8, Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 4 GB 
  • Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 or 10.8, Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB 
  • 5 GB free disk space 


These three playing techniques are combined in one patch. So with just one touch of a keyswitch you can choose any. Pick and Palm-Mute articulations have a special Downstroke Mode to imitate steady bass lines so common to rock music. When the Slap technique is chosen, the library will automatically alternate “thumb” and “pop” plucks.


Legato on the guitar it is first and foremost the technique of playing notes by the left hand. Up legato is called hammer-on, down legato is called pull-off. In the Legato Mode with overlapped notes either hammer-on or pull-off articulations will be activated depending on the direction of the movement and plucked strings.


Glissando articulation on a bass-guitar is used both as a melody embellishment and as an effect. We have recorded multiple versions of ascending and descending glissandos in different tempos for every fret (within an octave range) of each string. And the library will play glissando automatically between initial and target notes.


The library uses Kontakt’s built-in LFO vibrato, which allows to control vibrato frequency and intensity with ease.


Two versions of this articulation were sampled – for Pick and Mute playing techniques.


The natural flageolet has 3 layers of velocity. It has 5 sounds for each string, except for lower B.


They can be played by either pressing the repetition keyswitch (see below) or by using the special Velo Mute Mode, when X-note articulation will be played in the lower velocity range.


There are two repetition keys. One repeats the last played note or chord (except of Legato and Slide-up articulations) and the other repeats the last played note or the interval with X-notes articulation.

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