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Please follow these steps to unpack your purchased product correctly.

1. Go to the download links you received after purchase and download all the files. If necessary, use any third-party download manager to make sure that the files are complete. All archives volumes that have “part#” in their names must be of same size (about 700Mb) except for the last in sequence.

2. Put all downloaded files into the same temporary folder.

3. Create a folder where you usually keep all your sample libraries and name it respectively. It will be so called library root folder. Unpack the downloaded files to this folder. Please note that the samples you downloaded are a multi-part archive, so you do not need to extract every file; you only need to extract the first file that contains 'part1' in its name. To extract your files we recommend using WinRAR for PC users or Keka for Mac. They’re all free and you can find them here: (for PC users) (for MAC users)

4. Archives not having 'part' in their names must be unpacked separately to the same root folder.

5. You must have the full paid version of Kontakt to use this library. Its version must not be lower than stated in the requirements for the instrument. Free Kontakt Player does NOT support our libraries.

6. Open the Kontakt browser (look at the left side of the Kontakt interface) and click the “Files” tab. Find the library folder, where to you have extracted .rar files earlier, and double-click on the .nki file which should be in that folder. It’s displayed in the lower window, beneath the main browser.

7. You can use the Quick-Load Catalog option allowing Kontakt to find and store the location for faster browsing and loading. However, it's not possible to use the “Libraries” tab as this feature is available only for encoded & locked “Powered-By-Kontakt” libraries.

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